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Whether you have been diagnosed recently with fibromyalgia, have lived with chronic pain for many years or just want to get healthier, this forum may be right for you. There are many new ways to assist your body with handling the symptoms of pain. Learn some strategies and solutions to reduce your pain, improve your sleep, increase your function and add healthier options into your diet.

Saturday, May 20th

10:30am – 12:30am

Annie O’Connor, PT, OCS
Melissa Watson, MSPT

Cure Pain & Improve Performance

These two incredible PT’s from the Rehab Institute of Chicago will provide the most current pain scientific research breaking down old myths about pain. This will be a life-changing event for anyone who is suffering from pain. It will allow you to critique your own healthcare providers to know if they are current with science and how they treat your pains. This course is based on Annie’s recent book, “A World of Hurt: A Guide to Classifying Pain.”