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At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – Naperville we are dedicated to providing high quality services and comprehensive care for all patients.

We employ only those therapists who emphasize hands-on time with each patient to ensure they reach their maximum potential.

We have found that this is the most effective path to reach the patient’s final outcome – returning to optimal health.

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A Little About Us...

For the past 26 years, we have been on the leading edge of the latest technologies at FYZICAL (formerly Naperville Physical Therapy).

All of these additions were based on thorough research, significant training and sometimes a gut feeling. At FYZICAL we have established a highly experienced staff in a state-of-the-art clinic that truly cares for the entire patient - not just a broken body part.

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  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome Can Be A Common Cause of Upper Back Issues

    The spine is possibly the most problematic area of the body. From the base of the spine up to the upper back and neck, there are various ways in which pain can manifest and produce disability. Although pain is most common in the lower back, several issues…

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  • Physical Therapy Leads To Both Direct & Indirect Benefits

    In our last post, we summarized a meta-analysis that investigated the use of spinal manipulation and found ample evidence from numerous studies that it was effective for chronic low back pain. But spinal manipulation is just one of many interventions that…

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  • Hands-On Therapy Technique Is Just As Effective For Low Back Pain

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  • Our Top 4 Exercises For Low Back Pain

    If you have low back pain, you’re far from alone. Tens of millions of Americans are affected by it, some of which are only bothered by it occasionally and others who are burdened on a nearly constant basis. Regardless of where you fall along this spectrum…

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  • Most Back Pain Can Be Treated By A Physical Therapist

    Low back pain is incredibly common. Nearly one-half of all working Americans notice painful symptoms in the lower back at least once each year, and roughly 31 million individuals are affected by it at any given point in time. Thus, low back pain is essent…

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  • Physical Therapy Can Give Patients Better Results After Surgery

    Physical therapy frequently produces notable and lasting improvements that allow patients to lead more mobile lives and participate in activities that they were once unable to complete. As such, it can also help reduce the need for opioids and other pain …

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  • Physical Therapy Can Reduce Medications For Hip Osteoarthritis

    As we discussed in our first newsletter, physical therapy is the best option available for the vast majority of hip pain cases because it empowers patients to regain their lost abilities with their own targeted movements. There’s also large and growing bo…

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  • These 4 Simple Exercises Will Lower Your Risk For Hip Pain

    As we saw in our last newsletter, several conditions can develop in the hip and can go on to cause pain and dysfunction. These problems can strike at any age, but are more likely to develop later in life and in females, with the highest incidence of hip p…

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  • For Hip Pain, A Physical Therapist Could Be Your Best Bet

    The hip is a resilient joint that can sustain repeated strain and a significant amount of wear and tear. This durability is due to the joint’s complex and multifaceted anatomy, which includes a robust architecture that is built for stability. The hip is a…

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Read Our Reviews

  • I was treated post arthroscopic knee surgery and attended various wellness events held here. The staff is professional, kind, caring and just awesome!!.


  • What a great and amazing place! Friendly staff who make you feel right at home. I had some pretty bad back muscle spasms and was having a hard time getting around or doing much of anything.


  • Thank you to Mitch the PT and the entire staff for making my rehab post TKR a positive experience with fantastic results. From day one all the way to discharge, I felt confident in every step of my recovery and have stronger knee than I can remember.


  • I brought my child here because they have a therapist who is trained in the Schroth Method to treat scoliosis and kyphosis. After having taken my child to 2 other therapy places, this facility has a different more custom to fit the patient vibe to it with effective results.


  • The professionalism of staff as well as the excellent facilities are to be commended. My therapist, Ben, did an excellent job getting me back in the game of life. Thank you everyone at Fyzical for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend Fyzical-Naperville to family and friends.


  • A good friend recommended Naperville Physical Therapy. I checked them out and was impressed with the years of experience their staff had and decided to go in for an evaluation. I was impressed on that first day and all of the way through to the completion of my rehab.


  • My wife, her best friend, etc. have been helped by the team here. They are professional and personable. If you are going to go through a therapy regimen, you want confidence your effort will be fruitful, where the environment is pleasant. For my money, these guys are at the pinnacle of their profession.


  • If there was a sixth star for above and beyond amazing service, I would have given it to Naperville PT. There are not many PTs who specialize with dealing with pregnant women and Mary is amazing at what she does. There is no other PT group that I would recommend more. They go above and beyond with there treatment and customer service.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Precautions

At FYZICAL, your health and safety are our top priority. That is why we will be reaching out regularly to share important updates with regards to your care and the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Homeland Security, Physical and Occupational Therapy have been deemed as medically essential healthcare and part of the essential medical infrastructure. For this reason, we will remain open, but will continue to monitor and respond to the situation as appropriate. We have expanded our business model to now include Telehealth for those who may be interested.

We will continue to follow the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect our staff and patients at our clinic. In particular, we are focused on maintaining a clean and safe environment.

To deliver a healthy treatment experience for our patients and clinicians alike, we are placing increased emphasis on:

Additional measures may be necessary to protect your health in our clinic. If so, we will update our practices and policies immediately.

We appreciate your understanding and patience of these recent changes and want you to know we are committed to providing you the quality care you deserve.

In Health,
The FYZICAL team

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Racism

As healthcare providers, it is our mission to impact the total well-being of our community by treating EVERYONE with compassion and care. We want to make it clear that our clinic has zero tolerance for discrimination and racism. As APTA President Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD stated in her message to the Physical Therapy community, "There is nothing healthy about racism. It's a disease of the heart and mind that has infected not just people but customs, systems, and laws. There is no vaccine. We must be the cure."

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