Yardwork Yoga

This past weekend I watched my neighbor kneel in the same position for hours while gardening in her beautiful yard.  She loves to garden and we often laugh about how much I hate it. I did think to myself as I drove by well into the evening and she was still in the same position, “I wonder how her back will feel tomorrow?”

The next day it was my turn to head out to the yard. We really don’t have a garden, just lots of bushes and a few flowers (which I can’t even tell you the names of) – but we sure have plenty of weeds! After a few minutes into it, I thought, “How can I make this more enjoyable because this really is one of my least favorite things to do?” I thought about the position my neighbor was in all day and decided to try a little lunge action to pick the weeds and wow did that feel good, a little stretching and strengthening all at the same time. Next, I got an old blanket and put it under my knees to try pulling the weeds from a child’s pose and, by golly it worked. Soon, I was in a plank position, then threading the needle position and finally resting in a comfortable pigeon position to stretch my buttocks.

As my excitement grew with each new pose I tried, my husband just looked over and laughed, saying “What do you think people driving by are thinking as they see you in these positions.” I could care less, I had just invented a new exercise that I’m sure would sweep the nation.

I ran into the house to get my daughter to come to take pictures of me so I could remember how I was doing this and, of course, blog about it. My son then suggested we try partner Yoga pulling techniques. Why not I thought. Soon enough, my daughter and her friend were getting in poses, actually pulling weeds and they were having a blast doing it. I suddenly had a realization that maybe I could offer classes in my yard and have people pay to learn how to do Yardwork Yoga and get them to pull those dreaded weeds at the same time. A little Tom Sawyer-ish if you recall the painting of the white picket fence.

OK, that probably is never going to happen, but I have to say I wasn’t sore when I finished all of the yard work. I had fun doing it and when my neighbor drove by she did tell me her back was hurting from all of the weeding she did the prior day. You can see from the photos the various poses I tried. Try and incorporate a few poses into your own yard work only if you have experience with Yoga. These poses are not for beginners.

  • Namaste
  • Namaste
  • Warrior 2
    Warrior 2
  • Warrior 3
    Warrior 3
  • Pigeon Pose
    Pigeon Pose
  • Thread the Needle
    Thread the Needle
  • Side Angle Pose
    Side Angle Pose
  • Plank
  • Low Lunge
    Low Lunge
  • Kneeling Plank
    Kneeling Plank
  • Downward Dog
    Downward Dog
  • Child's Pose
    Child’s Pose
  • Chair Pose
    Chair Pose
  • Cat Pose
    Cat Pose
  • Cow Pose
    Cow Pose
  • Bird Dog
    Bird Dog