Discount Codes!

Mary in surgical mask

We hope this correspondence finds you healthy at home. We are continuing to see some patients in the clinic while taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. We are also conducting sessions via telehealth communications.

We have asked several of our preferred partners to set up codes to make ordering supplies from home easier for those who are at higher risk and need to stay home. Below is a list of websites and codes that you can use to secure discounts from our preferred vendors.

  • - Shop at our Incrediwear store for 10% off all products.
  • - use code Naper10 for 20% off CBD Tinctures, Balms, Colloidal Silver, PuraCleanse and other supplements.
  • - use code Naper10 for 10% off all CBD products.
  • - use code Naper20 for 20% off Hip Halo and other strengthening devices for home programs.
  • - use code FYZICAL for free shipping on orders over $19.99 (plantar fascia sleeves and socks are extremely helpful for foot pain).
  • - click on nutraMetrix icon for our supplement page link, use code 15offMA for 15% off.
  • -use code FYZ10 for 10% off all products.
  • - use code Fyz60563 and receive $100 off a new Juvent platform system.

Please continue to stay in touch via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and subscribe to our You Tube Channel at this link

We will be posting more videos in the future. We miss seeing you and look forward to the end of this shelter in place order. Please reach out if you are in pain, we have many ways we can help you from a distance.

Love Your Life,

Mary, Dina, Bill and Team FYZICAL – Naperville

Love Your Life