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I brought my child here because they have a therapist who is trained in the Schroth Method to treat scoliosis and kyphosis. There are not very many PTs trained in Illinois in the method. It does not have the big box feel and the treatment is more specialized than at some of the big chain PT 'stores.' After having taken my child to 2 other therapy places, this facility has a different more custom to fit the patient vibe to it with effective results.


I am an avid health and exercise-focused individual. I incurred a shoulder injury with pain that interfered with my daily activities. I chose not to proceed with any surgical intervention. My primary physician then recommended physical therapy. Because of a prior positive experience at Fyzical, I chose to return there. I have completed 6 months of therapy for my shoulder. The professionalism of staff as well as the excellent facilities are to be commended. Everyone there made me feel comfortable and confident that I was on the right path to recovery. My therapist, Ben, did an excellent job getting me back in the game of life. I now am able to enjoy everyday activities (i.e., health club, home landscaping, even water sports). Thank you everyone at Fyzical for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend Fyzical-Naperville to family and friends.


After my knee replacement surgery I was conflicted on where I would get the best physical therapy. Clearly the selection of your surgeon is important, but as a nurse, I also think the proper physical therapy is also crucial to a full recovery. A good friend recommended Naperville Physical Therapy. I checked them out and was impressed with the years of experience their staff had and decided to go in for an evaluation. I was impressed on that first day and all of the way through to the completion of my rehab.

The staff were professional and clearly knew their jobs, but the atmosphere was still warm and friendly, even jolly at times. The privacy of each client was protected without making you feel like you are in a bubble. A one point I had some difficulty with my non-operative knee and they altered the exercises I was doing to protect it immediately.

A wide range of techniques were utilized and I felt that their were up to date on the methods they used. Mary and Gary, the owners are present and involved. Most of the staff has been with them for a decade or more. The clients I chatted with were also very pleased with the care they received. Several even told me they originally started at another rehab center and switched to Naperville Physical Therapy.


I'm in a business where I meet people with physical problems. Mary and staff represent one of the few places where I know I can send people who have high expectations and they won't be disappointed.

My wife, her best friend, etc. have been helped by the team here. They are professional and personable. If you are going to go through a therapy regimen, you want confidence your effort will be fruitful, where the environment is pleasant.

For my money, these guys are at the pinnacle of their profession.


If there was a sixth star for above and beyond amazing service, I would have given it to Naperville PT. It is run by husband and wife Gary and Mary. I first went to Mary three months pregnant with severe sacral joint pain. There are not many PTs who specialize with dealing with pregnant women and Mary is amazing at what she does. I continued Therapy there until my son was about three months old.

Mary and everyone who works there is great at what they do and extremely kind, friendly and caring. Mary took such good care of me and without her I would not have been able to get through my pregnancy.

They also have a procedure called Dry Needling done by Ben. It was amazing because even though it was painful it helped in relieving the pain.

There is no other PT group that I would recommend more. They go above and beyond with there treatment and customer service.


My family has been going to See Mary and Ben and the rest of the staff at Fyzical for years- they are the best at what they do! Not only do they treat us with the utmost care, they provide us with the tools needed to stay healthy and hopefully injury snd symptom-free. I just had a BodyQ via Mitch which is a great tool to access your overall body health. It addresses your all-around flexibility, strength and stamina. It's a full physical really, minus the bloodwork. Check out FYZICAL, always clean, professional, on-time and spot on for treatment!

Michele Hoffman A.

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center in Naperville is more than just a place to come for PT, it is warm and inviting with a level of professionalism rarely seen anymore. For starters, an actual person answers the phone, I don't have to press buttons to try and get someone, they care enough to listen from the moment they pick up the phone. As for the care from the therapists, I cannot say enough .... I've been to a few other places for PT, and never have I received such focused, professional care and, hands-on treatment as I have here.

Fortunately, for me, I've had the privilege of working with all the therapists, from Mary, to Barbara, Ben and Bill. Each one has their own way, yet each one knows what the others have done, showing me that they communicate either via conversation or my records, so it doesn't matter who is available, the treatment is top notch and personalized. I come to the table not the ideal patient, and yet, there is no judgement, no blame to me, only absolute respect and consideration for me as a whole person!!! Everyone of them takes time to talk to me, teach me about becoming healthier overall, they care about me. I've worked most extensively with Dr. Bill, and his commitment to finding what's wrong, making me feel comfortable, and easing my worries has made me his biggest fan.

I recommend Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center with the utmost confidence!!!

Diane M. S.

I love going every 2nd Saturday of the month to hear Mary lecture on various topics. She does a lot of research and provides us with a lot of information about how we can enhance our health and wellness.

In addition I was fitted for orthotics as I am a long distance runner and need them for my running shoes. Careful attention to my needs and to details along with great service.

One final thought, my daughter who has scoliosis, received amazing treatment from Dr Bill using the Schroth method at their office.

Sidney C. D.

I have been going off and on to Fyzical for two, going on three years. I only stop for a break when medicare stops paying for the current year. I love everybody there, and miss barb very much.

Everyone there knows what they're doing, and they're all such nice people. A great place, great experience (well, Mary, possibly with the exception of the "Dina" technique), and I can't wait to come back in the new year.

Hugs to all of you.

Lisa S.

After being in a few accidents, I've gotten to know Mary and her staff very well. Thankfully, they've also gotten to KNOW me well. Now when I need a "tune up", any one of therapists can step right in and get right to the problem. Plus, they always give great exercises that I can do at home which helps me fix little issues on my own. I love the whole group!

I also sent my son there after a sports injury. They know how important it is for kids to get back out there and not be afraid to play. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Amy D. M.

Can I say too much good stuff about Mary and Gary? Been to a lot of physical therapy in my life, but never to FYZICAL therapy! Thanks guys. I can work in my yard again and just changed my car battery and my back didn't hurt!

Brian James S.

My husband and I have been patients several times through the years and now our teen son is also a patient and we all love Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers-Naperville! The physical therapists and support staff are all highly-experienced, detail-oriented, patient and so enthusiastic about their work. They are true healers and we are so grateful to have found a clinic we can count on when we need them! We make the drive from Oak Park to Naperville in order to take advantage of services we have not been able to find locally including dry needling with Ben, ASTYM (tool-assisted soft tissue mobilization) with Mary, Barb's TMJ expertise and customized orthotics with Bill. Sessions are one-on-one with a physical therapist and include a great deal of hands-on care in addition to a customized, thorough exercise program that addresses all areas of concern not just a "quick fix" of the problem area. They have evening hours which is great for working folks and students. We highly recommend Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers-Naperville!

Susie D.

Mary is absolutely amazing! Her whole crew is so caring and helpful. They are genuinely in the business of HELPING PEOPLE! They will explore any treatment to help people find relief and improve their quality of life! I highly recommend them!

Lindsay F.

Best PT hands down! I saw Bill for my knee pain and he provided awesome care. All the staff is helpful and cares about your whole well being.

Sheri Dechand P.

I think Fyzical Therapy is the best! I have seen Mary, Barb and Ben. They have helped me with my different issues. They are very knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring. I couldn't ask for better.

Pamela Lee C.